Tips for translators after college

We take this post to share with you this documentary on Tips for translators, made by students of translation and interpreting of the University of Alicante, which brings together several professionals with extensive experience in the market to discuss topics of interest for the recent graduates in order to facilitate their insertion in the world of work.

Thank you from here to its authors (Javier Beitar, Lucia Dirodi, Celia García and Marina Lopez) as well as professionals who have kindly participated in it (Irene Carratalá, María Abad, Verónica González, Patrick Martínez and Xosé Castro).

Here’s the full video.

Tips for translators after college

What did you think of the video? Perhaps you could benefit from the comments of this blog to leave your opinion and leave your tips for translators who have just finish the race. Many times it is necessary that we listen to are now to where we want to be in the future to be able to follow in his footsteps and motivate us. Don’t you think? Any advice or comments would be welcome as this blog read it many translators in search of guidance and training.